The Two4Blue Philosophy (Enabling Internet Entrepreneur Success)

I work as a corporate marketing manager in the B2B industry and I really love my job, but I also have a strong entrepreneurial streak. That’s why I started Two4Blue as a side project to share my insights with solo entrepreneurs who want to make money online.

From my own experience, I know that there is a huge jungle of tools and “shiny objects” out there and it’s often hard to tell which ones actually provide value and which ones are just a waste of time and money.

But I also know that you can actually make a lot of money online, even as a complete beginner…. If you invest in the right tools and follow the right strategies. Of course, that can sometimes be the exact opposite of what people are hyping right now.

With Two4Blue, I invest in a lot of internet marketing products and tools, and when I’m convinced of them, I share them with you along with great value and bonuses.

Great marketing has to do with psychology, content, timing and technology. All interconnected and well balanced. It’s not just a profession, it’s a passion for me that I want my readers to benefit from and build a reliable online income that can change lives.